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This newsletter offers essays, images, and resources about care, nourishment, homemaking, queerness, and creativity. I aim to offer affirming and nuanced writing to spark curiosity in your own life. I share how I care for myself and my communities in the hope you can do so, too. This newsletter includes:

An essay about anything from mental health to chronic illness to gender to wellness to pop culture – honestly, everything and anything is possible, images of what brought me joy or made me giggle, and links to things that help me take it slow and places to nourish ourselves and our communities.


Sam Slupski (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary writer and creator from the Midwest–currently in Austin, Texas. They are the author of UNTIL TENDER (Game Over Books) and a teaching artist with Austin Bat Cave. Sam is also a freelance writer who has written about various vulnerable topics, including their experiences with vaginismus and intimacy; queerness, gender, and style; mental health and emotional healing; chronic illness and disability justice; and more. They write this newsletter and have an Instagram community where they provide insights on mental health, personal style, food, and homemaking and invite readers into a world of honest and uplifting conversation.

In their past roles, Sam has worked with the St. Louis Queer+ Support Helpline, focusing on consciousness-raising, community outreach, and skill-building. They were the Wellness Editor of Swift Wellness and the former Program Director of Poetic Underground. Their work has been recognized through being a finalist in the 2019 Button Poetry Chapbook Contest, headlining the Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Festival in 2018, and touring across the US and Canada.

Sam's passion lies in redefining conversations about wellness to make them accessible and inclusive. They are dedicated to destigmatizing mental and sexual health through transformative practices and are a firm believer in supporting communities rooted in collective care and mutuality. They love to cook and wholeheartedly believe a Midwest sunset is superior to all sunsets.


You can find me on Instagram or my website. You can also find my other writing here.


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Sam Slupski

Sam Slupski writes to better understand the world and take care of themselves.